How To Be Visually Consistent On Instagram

Are you struggling with branding and designing your Instagram to make it look like all those accounts you lust after? Are you thinking how the heck can I make my feed look perfect like those? Are you having trouble being consistent? Read on! 

This morning I reached out to my Snapfam and asked them what they were struggling with in particular regarding branding, marketing and design and I got a lot of responses about struggling with Instagram (being consistent, making graphics when you are not a designer, and creating aesthetically pleasing images). I am always on Snapchat and love chatting with you guys, you all give me so much inspiration, so come join my Snapfam! You can scan the barcode with your snapchat camera by holding your finger on the screen or just adding me by my username cali_jae I would love to connect with you! I always share good morning snaps, branding tips of the day, behind the scenes, inspiring quotes, stories, advice and updates on blog posts, newsletters and new projects! 

Have a consistent color palette to use

This would be the first key as the color palette and vibe of your business should be brought into every social media you use to promote your products and services. Stick with a set of colors (I usually recommend around 3). This will help you target down to putting a nice theme together that is visually appealing to your IDEAL audience. What do they want to see?

Create a fun Insta prop box with items that incorporate your brands colors

This is one of my favorite and probably the best thing I have done for my Insta. I created a little prop box and filled it with items that are visually appealing to my ideal clients and have my branding colors incorporated. Check out my Insta HERE. I even share other Instagrammers pictures I admire (giving them credit for the photo of course that go along with my theme). 

Create A Theme

For my theme (shown below), I do a custom quote I design every other picture and then either a photo that I took or someone else's that I give credit to to share the love! A theme can be anything you make it, have fun with it! 

Use apps to help create & schedule

I am no photographer by any means whatsoever, but I lay out some props, make sure the lighting is good and then take some photos with my iPhone. For my quote posts I design them my self in Adobe Illustrator, but you can always use or which are free! A Beautiful Mess, Instasize & VSCO are some of my faves to create your own quotes with your colors! Hootsuite is also a wonderful tool that has been my go to to scheduler for my Instagram posts. This will help with being more consistent. Getting on a schedule is key to not getting overwhelmed and will take the stress off of "OMG WHAT DO I POST TODAY?!?!" You can schedule the picture, the description and then make sure you have both Hootsuite and Instagram open to the same account on your iPhone and it will notify you to post it at the time you scheduled it for! 

And please remember never compare ourself to others who have millions of followers and the most beautiful pictures in the world. Focus on you, your unique self and when you put in the work you will see the benefits! The world needs your light!

Comment below and let me know what steps you will take to create your own unique theme!