How To Brand Your Business Emails

How many times do you respond to emails and send business emails out on a daily basis? Are you using your signature feature in your email settings to better market your brand?

Here are 5 aspects to include in your email signature to not only get visible with people you are email with everyday, but to let people know who you are and your purpose as this is what potential clients will resonate with. 

1. Sincerely, your name or an ending similar and your job title and who you target

This is proper etiquette on ending an email and it looks professional and let's people know who is sending the email. This will also look professional and by letting people know who you target and what you do could spark interest or even a referral in your services!

2. Link to your website

This may be one of the most important aspects. This will get more website views and get them to your homepage and if they enjoy your website this not only gives them a better idea of who you are and who you work with but will be able to search around your services page, blog and other links. 

3. Tell people where to find you on social media

If they resonate with your business, they will likely follow you on social media so make it easy for them to keep up with you on social media sites you are active on!

4. A link to your newsletter

We all know how important building our email list is so why not add it to your signature to get some more sign ups! 

5. Your Facebook group

If you have a group on Facebook, you know how important it is to attracting your ideal clients and building up your members so this is also a great thing to include.

By just doing this I have not only gained clients but I have been able to grow my following, my list AND my Facebook group. You can even add your logo if you wish! 

For example this is mine...


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Are you using your signature settings to grow your brand? Let me know in the comments below!