5 Key Signs It Is Time To Rebrand

Have you thought of rebranding your biz, but the thought of it seems daunting or you don't know where to start?

Branding is a process and you want to make sure you hire someone who is efficient and knowledgeable in that specific field. Read the post HERE about why you should hire a brand stylist

Here are 5 key signs it is time to rebrand:

Your brand doesn't speak to your vision or reflect who you are

Your vision has changed and the look of your business doesn't match the message you are trying to send. You may feel like there is a disconnect between the look of your business and your personality. You want your brand to have your personality shine through!

You switched gears in your biz

You may have switched industries, added new services or made some changes that need a new look or vibe. You want your branding to showcase what your business has to offer and have it make sense with what you do. 

It doesn't inspire you or your audience

When you look at your branding, do you get excited and inspired? If not, it is surely time to rebrand. If you aren't excited or inspired by your brand, your audience won't be either! You desire a killer image that your audience loves, so make it happen! 

You don't have a consistent look 

If you don't have a specific color palette, fonts or graphics you are at a disadvantage. You need these in order to create brand recognition among your audience. You want someone to come to your website or see a graphic and say yep that is definitely her! 

You want to be more unique and have a memorable brand

You want to stand out in your industry and have your audience remember your look and keep wanting more, right? Investing in brand styling and strategy is great to make sure your look is unique and have people fall in love with your business. 

If you are dealing with any of these set backs, this is your sign to make it happen and take that leap of faith! 

Are you ready to rebrand your biz and start gaining the right attention?