Meet The Gal Behind CJD


Caroline Rogers

Caroline (also well known as Cali) is the Founder + Creative Director behind CJD. A bookworm, avid coffee connoisseur and passionate designer, she is a small town girl from New York who has always dreamed big. She has been studying graphic and web design for the past 5 years and has experience in sales, design, advertising & styling! Cali Jae Designs was established in 2014 through her love of aesthetics, design and more importantly, how she could help others with their own brands and goals. She desired to create an inspiring space for ambitious creatives and entrepreneurs, to guide them in building their online empire. Caroline hopes to inspire and empower other females to pursue their passions and be confident in all they do. She puts her heart and soul into every project striving to make her clients happy and inspired. CJD embodies passion, creativity and more importantly a mission to help others create a beautiful business that represents their unique self! She has been helping women build blogs and brands for over six years ever since she started her first blog in 2012. She has always had a passion for empowering women to be confident in their skin and to pursue their passions. She continues to spread positivity through her work as she has seen too many women hold back on their dreams due to self-doubt, fear and constantly being negative. She will be your branding bestie and help you build the confidence you need to rock your brand and be confident in your skin!

My Mission

My mission is to empower my fellow female creatives and help them achieve their business and/or blogging goals. I help the creatives, the planners, the entrepreneurs, the dreamers, the doers and the passion pursuers. My goal is to help you focus on gaining your confidence within your brand to truly find your unique power and live a life you love waking up to! 

My Story

I have always loved design and style ever since I can remember. It wasn't until high school when struck with health issues where I found my passion for design and styling. As I was extremely limited I found a creative outlet and started sketching and making collages from magazines.

After some rough years, I persevered through it and received my degree in Fashion Merchandising and loved every second of it. During fashion school I started a life + style blog and started to get recognized by my peers and teachers for my skills and started helping them with their own blogs and social media. This is where I found my love for graphic design. Students were coming to me for help with Adobe programs and techniques. I started Cali Jae Designs in November of 2014 when I felt called to start my branding and design business. I have worked with some of the most amazing women across the world and have created lasting relationships which I value greatly. I love helping female entrepreneurs build and grow their brand, I love sharing inspiration and empowering others to stand in their power!