5 Elements To Include On Your Landing Page To Attract Your Ideal Audience

You have about 5 seconds to grasp the attention of your audience when they first get to your homepage. If it isn't visually appealing or they have no idea what you do, they will click off. 

Here are 5 crucial elements to include on your homepage to make sure they stay, click around and get excited about your biz!

What You Do

As soon as someone clicks on your website you want to make what you do front and center so your audience understands what your business is.

Who You Service

This helps people understand who you work with, so that if they fit under that category they will automatically have that connection.

For example, front and center on my website is "Brand styling and strategy for passion driven entrepreneurs" BOOM 2 birds, one stone!


Make your homepage visually appealing. Excite your audience and get them excited about working with you! Create branded graphics, banners and photos that go with your branding that differentiate yourself. 

Call To Action

After visiting your homepage, where do you want the to go? To your services, to your blog, to your contact page? Create buttons, images or links that go to these places to help them navigate your site!

Opt-In To Your Newsletter

Last, but certainly not least is an awesome opt-in that they can't refuse! Have it as a pop up so they can't miss it with the option to close out and then have it in at least two other places on your website. I have it in my blog sidebar as well as on the bottom of my homepage! 

Speak their language and think of them when posting or designing anything for your brand!

What are some elements that you include on your landing page that are important? 

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