My Logo Design Process

- Client Questionnaire or Phone Consult -

This is where I like to start to get to know my client and their business a bit better so I can understand and ask questions about what they are looking for and what they want incorporated.

- Inspiration & Color Palette-

This is one of my favorite parts of the process. I either have the client create an inspiration board or a Pinterest board incorporating elements such as colors, textures, photos and anything else that inspires them for their logo. From the inspiration boards we pick a color palette where the colors are complimentary to one another. 

- Sketch -

I am a planner so I always like to do a bit of sketching after the inspiration phase. This helps me to get a better idea before rushing to the computer and is a smoother transition to digitize it. 

- Logo Concepts & Brand Mark - 

This is when I get to the fun part. This is when I start creating logo concepts plus brand marks to go along with the logo concepts. The number of concepts really differentiate from person to person but it is an amazing process to see something come from a passion & some inspiration. I use Illustrator & Photoshop to create the files and then send them off to the clients in multiple formats to fit what they need.