Morning Ritual For Success

As a creative female entrepreneur, it is so easy to be in work mode 24/7. If you ask anyone around me, they will tell you I am a workaholic, I could work day in and day out on my business. This is not always a good thing as it could lead to burn out and the dreaded rut syndrome. I decided to make some changes a few months back and not only feel more clear and inspired, but happier and not as stressed! 

The number one factor in this was creating a morning routine to clear my head, have a little me time and relax before the craziness of the day begins. All the extremely successful entrepreneurs you hear about (Tony Robbins, Richard Branson & Mark Zuckerberg) have morning rituals they do every single day! 

The first tip I have is to do what works for you and start off small. We can't all wake up at 4 am, go on a 5 mile jog & do an hour of yoga on a beach (I know that will never be a reality for me). 

My Routine:

The first thing I do every morning is make myself a nice hot cup of coffee (Eight O'Clock medium roast is my fave)! After I make my coffee and I am still cozy in my pjs, I will open up my iPad (not my phone or computer as it is way too distracting) and read my daily devotional, journal (Day One is a great free app), review my goals and affirmations, doing some visualization and reading a bit of an inspirational book. After that, I will ease into the day watching some youtube videos while I continue to sip on my coffee. I also like to put on a morning energy or de stressing meditation every once in awhile which definitely helps keep you calm! When possible I also like to do some stretching or yoga to loosen up the muscles! 

I find the most important part of having a morning ritual for success is not check social media and email first thing as the feeling of to dos and stress set in pretty quick and that is no bueno for a positive mindset. 

Do you have a morning routine? I challenge you to create a little morning ritual and do it every morning for the next 5 days and see how much of a difference it makes!