What Is A Brand Stylist & Why You Should Use One

You may be asking right now, Caroline what the heck is a brand stylist? A brand stylist is someone who is design savvy and seamlessly combines typography, textures, patterns, graphics & colors to create a one of a kind brand. A brand stylist "styles" all the necessary designs that go into building a business to create brand recognition & a cohesive vibe. 

So why should you hire a brand stylist? 

By hiring a brand stylist, you know you will be getting a beautiful, cohesive and professional looking brand. Your message will be communicated effectively through design elements to grab the attention of your audience! 

Having one person working on your logo, website, graphics, etc you know all the aspects will go well together and there won't be any interruption or difference in the styling. It will be streamlined & well recognized.

To bring your visions to life professionally and with ease. It takes the stress off your shoulders and you can feel confident knowing everything you want in a brand design will be beautiful, strategically layed out as well as incorporating your goals and wishes

Not to mention your go to trusty sidekick when you want updates, new additions, or maybe even some advice. Like I say, I will be your branding bestie with a lifetime full of support, creativity and resources to help you to continue building your brand!