10 Design Projects To Delegate In Your Business

How much time are you spending creating designs for your business? Think about all the designs that go into a business...graphics, marketing posts, opt-ins, updates, edits, covers, etc. 

Graphics are one of the most important aspects to an online business. They represent your brand on social media, your newsletter, your website, your blog, your emails and they are the first thing that catches your audiences attention when coming into contact with your brand. You not only want to make them unique and visually appealing, but really have the vibe of your brand shine through! 

Projects To Delegate:

Logo + Brand Marks

Whether you are creating a new business, rebranding, or looking to update your current logo, delegating this project to a designer will not only allow you more time to yourself but will get the job done properly and professionally.


These illustrations can be anything from typography, to a colorful owl to an icon designed for your website! Illustrations are great for additions to your webpage, social media and stationary.

Blog Post Graphics

Blog post graphics are some of the most important graphics there are. These are the graphics that gets your audiences attention to come read the post on social media, Bloglovin' or on your website. You want these to be visually appealing and really speak to your blogs identity. 

Newsletter Graphics + Opt-Ins

Email marketing is gold for online businesses. This allows you to get word out about the different aspects of your biz to a ton of people in your target market. Opt-ins are also key for getting those emails, so you want to make sure your opt-in is as fabulous as what you are offering. 

Social Media Posts & Branding

When posting on social media you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. This is how many new visitors & clients will find your business so make sure it matches your branding and sets you apart from others.

Mood Boards

Whether you are rebranding, creating a new product/service or creating a marketing campaign, it is always helpful to create a mood board so you can really put your visions to paper (or a computer screen) and figure out what looks best together. 

Media Kits

Media kits are a must for businesses who work with other brands to showcase their work, their audience details and info regarding working with them. 

E-Book Covers

Lots of online businesses use e-books as an opt-in for their email list or sell e-books on their sites. This is a great way to showcase your knowledge and provide value to your audience.  


Custom worksheets are great to have to give to clients for homework. For example, for my monthly clients I give them custom worksheets for goal setting and marketing strategies. 

Website Updates

We all know our websites are a work in progress. They never feel quite complete and we are always updating graphics and widgets. Whether you are updating a slideshow, sidebar widget, logo, header or text a designer will be happy to make those changes for you. 

Take the stress off and make time for what you want to do in your business. Want your own personal design department to work on one of these projects? We are currently offering monthly graphic design services!