How I Stay Productive With A Weekly Routine + Free Printables!

We all know how important it is for us small business owners to stay productive & be on schedule. After creating a weekly routine, setting tasks to specific days has been a game changer for me and my business!


My Weekly Routine

Monday | Networking + Designing + Research

I like to ease into the week by networking + connecting with others on social media and creating designs. This allows me to ease into the work flow and have my creative vibes on high! It is so important for designers to schedule in time to create!

Tuesday | Blog Post Writing, Scheduling + Research

This is when I really get into my groove. Setting a specific day aside dedicated to blogging has not only kept me inspired, but has allowed me to really organize my thoughts (not to mention posts) and spend time learning more about blogging!

Wednesday | Newsletter Writing, Scheduling + Research

Before setting a day aside for writing my newsletters, I always felt rushed like I had to get them out ASAP. Now, with having my mind more at ease, ideas can flow easier and I can spend time really perfecting my writing and figuring out what my audience truly wants out of it. 

Thursday | Filming, Editing + Scheduling

Since starting my YouTube channel, having a specific day to film and edit has really helped. For those of you youtubers, you know how time consuming filming and editing is, so a day is very much needed for all this!

Friday | Social Media Planning + Research 

Social media can be a full time job alone, so setting a whole day aside for this was crucial. I use, love + would be lost without Hootsuite. I use this to schedule Facebook page + group posts, Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts + now Instagram posts! Scheduling has saved me so much time! Even though I schedule all my posts, I am sure to engage with my audience and input some fun articles from time to time! 

I try to take my weekends off from work to really relax, de stress and spend time with my loved ones. You all know how much of a workaholic I am so it isn't easy but it is so important to take that time for yourself to not only stay sane but to take care of you!

As you can see, research is a part of pretty much everyday. Research means learning new techniques, reading up on articles to help me be better in my business, to stay inspired and to grow my biz!

What does your weekly routine look like?