Why Your Small Biz Needs Good Branding

Many people think that branding is only for large corporations and that all you need is a simple logo and you're good to go. This couldn't be more wrong. Every business no matter how small it may be needs to have a unique visual style and branding strategy. 

The key for any business is to stand out not fit in. By having a logo, color palette, specific fonts, branded photos, and branding those across your website and social media platforms you will stand out and be able to attract the audience you want. 

What do you think of when you think of a brand like Coca-Cola? White script on a red background right? Now think about your branding. When people see your logo and colors do they automatically think of you? Are you creating brand recognition among your audience? 

One question I get often is how business owners can attract their ideal client. Having a beautiful visual brand is most certainly the first step. In order to inspire your ideal audience, you have to be inspired about your brand. If you are not passionate about your branding, who will be? Branding pays off big time and potential clients will be attracted to the effort you put in. In order for your audience to take your business seriously, you have to take it seriously. 

Branding is so much more than a logo. Branding is the look of your business as a whole. It is the pictures you use, the designs, the colors, what you write, what you post on social media and the vibes and atmosphere you put out there. 

5 Key Reasons You Need Good Branding

*Brand recognition among your audience*

*Having a streamlined and appealing visual style will help attract the attention you want*

*When you inspire others by your brand, you are creating that personal relationship and people will resonate with that* 

*Stand out among your competition*

*Be taken seriously as a small biz owner*

Need help with styling your brand or putting branding strategies into place?