Why You Should Be Using Pinterest Analytics For Your Business

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses. Many people just think putting out a tweet or Facebook status here and there will do the trick but you really have to have strategies set in place. You may think of Pinterest as a leisure activity pinning away future home decor and wedding ideas, but if you have an online business you absolutely need to be using Pinterest's analytics for business. 

Tracking analytics and truly knowing who your audience is will help you cater to them easier and more effectively. Pinterest is perfect for those creative businesses such as wedding planning, event planning, designers, photographers and coaches. Spending just 10-15 minutes on Pinterest everyday can really help drive traffic to your website, build your audience and learn who your audience is. 

Pinterest analytics allows you to see your monthly viewers, impressions and engagers. You can click on each section where it goes into detail about who your audience is and what is being shared and viewed!

This section is one if not the most important in my opinion. It shows you the demographics and interests of your audience. You can see where your audience is located, their gender and language. If you take one thing away from using these analytics it is definitely this section! This usually changes from time to time but Design, Photography and Inspirational Quotes are always among my audiences interests which is great since I am a designer. If your audience isn't interested in what you have to offer try engaging with people who have your same interests and connect with them! 

It also allows you to see which pins and boards are being shared and engaged with the most which helps give you insight as to what you should be pinning and focusing on. Check out which pins are getting pinned the most and keep that in mind for your content strategy!  


  • Track your numbers (daily & monthly)
  • Understand your audience better (where are they from & what do they like)
  • Find your niche & target market (who is coming to your site?)
  • Give your audience what they want
  • See what is being pinned from your website

Do you use Pinterest for business? If so, how do you use it to help your business?