How To Create A Color Palette For Your Brand

I have received many questions from entrepreneurs asking how I come up with a color palette as a designer and how I know the colors work together. Well, I am about to share a little secret with you all. 

My secret: Adobe Color App

This is my favorite app on the market as of late because it allows my branding and design process to go a lot quicker. 

Step 1: Find a picture where you enjoy the colors & upload it from your camera roll. It will automatically select 5 colors and then you can move around the circles to go to the colors you want.

Step 2: After clicking the check mark above, save the palette on the screen below. You can share this on social media, email it to yourself or to a client to get their opinion!

Step 3: After saving it, the screen below appears and you want to click on the second icon from the left which looks like a notepad and pencil.

Step 4: The screen below will appear and you want to click on the icon on the right side with the 3 lines with dots on them.

Step 5: This is where you can edit the colors and find the HEX codes. You just click on the designated color and you will find the HEX code for each. You can then use these universal HEX codes in any program that allows you to design and there you have your brand palette! 

How do you design your color palettes? 

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