How I Doubled My Newsletter Subscribers In Two Days

It seems as if everyone is pushing this whole email marketing phenomenon, right? Well everything they are saying is need to have an email marketing campaign no matter what online business you are.

Emails are golden and once you have that email in hand you need to give that little nugget all the value you can muster up!

So how do you go about getting said newsletter subscribers? Well I am going to share a little secret with you but promise you won't tell okay?


Did you get that? Good.

That is how I doubled my subscribers within 48 hours but let me tell you, you will be on Facebook for a good 38 hours out of those 48 in order to keep up!

This is what I posted in a few key Facebook groups...

"Comment YES below if you want to know the 5 crucial things to incorporate into your websites landing page & a special bonus!"

That one sentence in 5 different groups amounted to over 100 people interested say what?!?! 

Once you get your target audience interested in something of value, you can't go wrong. I am eager to help people with their brands and websites so offering this in my newsletter was the perfect idea. 

But be warned if you do this, you will be a victim of Facebook for hours and hours on end and you will wake up to 20 something notifications and 20 unread messages even though you caught up before going to bed the night before. 

I had no idea it would grow by that much and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Facebook groups are a powerful network tool that every entrepreneur should be involved in. 

Comment down below if you would like to see an upcoming blog post on how to network in Facebook groups! What are some of your favorites?

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