How To Get Clear On Your Tribe

Who are you talking to? Who is apart of your online tribe?

You need to be crystal clear on who your ideal audience is to let them get the most value out of your blog and business.

Who is Cali Jae Designs tribe you may ask?

Our tribe is full of boss babe entrepreneurs who are passionate about life. They enjoy the little things and find joy and happiness all around them. Our tribe is full of fierce, fabulous, and fun women who's main goal is to create their empire to live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of! We enjoy building relationships that last and helping out our fellow female entrepreneurs. Whether we are hanging out at a cute little cafe, going on an adventure in the city or just casually browsing Pinterest for our next DIY idea, we are all building our brand. Building each other up and empowering one another to be better in not only our business but our everyday lives is a universal value among us! 

Why do you enjoy working with these types of passionistas? 

These women are some of the most influential, hard working and inspirational people I have ever met in my life. They persevere, never give up and are passionate about what they love. It is so motivating to be surrounded with people who think the same way as you and who share the same values which I think is essential in building relationships. Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher and inspire you!

How can you solve their problems?

As a brand stylist & strategist, I help my fellow boss babes bring their unique vision to life to re inspire them and help them succeed with their business goals. Part of building your tribe is all about attracting those who you can help and grow with. Some pain points that I help solve are needing help with attractive and recognizable branding, beautiful design elements that inspire and marketing strategies that work and get your business out there loud and clear! 

I understand my tribe because I have been in their shoes before. I resonate with their struggles and through my experiences of starting and growing my own brand I am able to help other like minded individuals make the right choices and help guide them on the right track to stay focused.

What is the one message you hope people take away from your blog? 

My main goal with my blog is to inspire and provide value that will help my fellow boss babes grow their business and input strategies and ideas that will get them excited about what they do! After coming to my website, I want them to be inspired and know they are not alone on this crazy journey.

Now I want you to go ask yourselves these questions and tell me in the comments below!

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