How I Organize My Business With Google Drive

We all know how important systems and strategies are, especially for all my solopreneurs out there. When you have systems in place, it not only helps you feel more organized but it helps you find what you need easier. 

I don't know about you guys but my computer is overloaded with files, designs, ideas, contracts, questionnaires, etc. It got to the point where everything was all jumbled, my computer was acting a bit slow (okay a lot slow) and I needed something to not only organize my files to make space on my computer, but organize all my thoughts, notes and lists!

I have used Google Drive for years, sharing photos with family, keeping documents saved for school and sharing design files with clients and using the sharing option for our Design Den.

When I found out about and upgraded to Google Apps For Work last year, I couldn't be happier with it and I wanted to make sure I was using all the apps to the best of their potential. After using multiple apps for different areas of my business, I decided to make Google Drive Cali Jae Designs Headquarters! 

Client Organization

This is where I keep invoices, projects, questionnaires and contracts with each client I have. This has been vital in my business and has been incredible to reference to during ongoing projects. 

Social Media Organization & Ideas

I can't even begin to tell you how many files and folders I have with social media post ideas, blog post ideas, photo organizing and what have you. 

Design Storage

This is where I keep all my graphics, fonts, textures and patterns and it is a life saver! 

Finance Tracking

Even though this may be the most boring aspect, it is definitely one of the most important. It is SO important to keep track of your income, your expenses, etc. Trust me, when tax season comes, you will be happy you did this! 


I always like to keep track of my services, pricing and ideas for the future so I can see how it has changed throughout time and to plan for future projects I want to put together. 

Stock Photos 

This is where I store all of my stock photos and wow has it been amazing to just go to this folder whenever I need to put a post together for social media or my blog! 

Website & Blog Information

I always like to keep the theme, colors, fonts and any other important information about my website and blog here so I can go back to reference if need be.

Finally, I have a space where EVERYTHING is where there is TONS of space and I'm not scrambling to remember where a certain idea or note is amongst the million apps that us entrepreneurs can accumulate with each new "best app out there" phenomenon. I have folders within folders to keep it super organized so I know which category to look in when I am searching for something in particular instead of spending forever browsing through the files on my computer. This has honestly changed my business and I'm a lot less stressed and know exactly where everything is!

If you aren't a part of Google Apps For Work, I highly recommend it. You have access to all the Google apps in one place, get your own professional email, can have your employees be a part of it and delegate access as well as connecting other apps you may use within your business (plus so much more)! You can chose from two options either $5/month or $10/month which in my mind is a steal! If you'd like to try it out feel free to use the coupon code 6XK3NCY67YFNQG and let me know how it makes a difference in your biz! 

* Referral codes are present, all opinions are 100% honest and my own, I have used Google Drive for years! *

Why You Need An Elevator Pitch & Tips!

You have probably heard the term "elevator pitch” tossed around quite a bit in the business world. 

It is always important to have one ready because you never know who you will meet, where and when. Better to be prepared, right? You never know what opportunities will come along and you have to take them as they come!

Work With Me-2.png

Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Let’s be honest, how long does it take you to lose focus and concentration when someone keeps going on and on about themselves? Probably pretty quickly.

You want to make sure you are clearly stating who you are, what you do and how you provide value. You want it to be memorable and stand out

They don’t call it an ELEVATOR pitch for nothing. You have between 10-30 seconds to really sell yourself (depending on what floor you or the other person is getting off on). That is if you are in an elevator. 

This isn’t just a pitch to use in an elevator, you can use this on social media as an introduction or strike up a conversation with someone while you are out and about maybe at a networking event. 

Here is my elevator pitch to give you an example….

Hi (nice to meet you) I’m Caroline Rogers, I am a brand stylist and strategist for boss babe entrepreneurs who want to grow their online businesses and attract their ideal client. I integrate the 3 aspects that I believe a successful brand needs..branding, marketing and design.

You always want to be cordial and polite. Make the conversation come naturally and always make eye contact and shake hands. Stand tall and smile, friendliness goes a long way my friend. I know this is so common sense but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do this and it is kind of a turn off. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. When you are confident with yourself, other people will be confident with you. You don’t want to be cocky but you are an expert in your field and people with find value in that and what you have to offer. 

How was that? Just in those two sentences, I was able to tell the person who I am, what I do, how I provide value and what makes me different! Now I want you to try!

Let me know what your elevator pitch is in the comments below! Even if you don’t have one, try to create one based on the tips above. Hey, you might need this within the next 24 hours so it is worth a shot!