Why You Need A Branded Newsletter + Must Haves

I can't tell you how many newsletters I have received and no where in the email are pictures, a logo or even a business name. This is usually when I unsubscribe. In order for people to take your business seriously, you have to take it seriously and make it the best it can be. You want to make your business known, show your face, have your logo involved and create that brand recognition your audience wants from you. Getting someones email is gold, you want to nurture it and make sure you are providing great value to it! 

Odds are your audience is subscribed to multiple newsletters. Most of whom have killer branding and awesome content. By just having plain text you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage, they won't remember you and will most likely unsubscribe. These days, visual content is king so you want to stand out and really wow your subscribers. 

Here are some designs to include:


Your logo is numero uno on the must haves list. This is key in creating brand awareness and having your audience know who's newsletter this is. Your logo is a representation of your brand, use the heck out it! 

Newsletter Banner

These are great to let people know what the newsletter is about. Many people call their newsletter something other than a newsletter which is refreshing. I call mine the Boss Babes Lounge, so I incorporated that into the banner. 


Whether you are linking to a blog post, your services, an article, etc, you want to create visually appealing graphics to get your audiences attention to click on it. These are great to include after the content you write as a call to action!

Social Media Icons

Last but definitely not least would be those infamous social media icons. I usually include these at the bottom so my audience can keep up with me on my different socials. This is also a great call to action at the bottom of your email. You can even custom create these to match your branding!

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