Facebook Groups For Creative Entrepreneurs

For the longest time I thought Facebook was a dying social media site for business owners. It rarely brought traffic to my website and my numbers were static. With Facebook updating their algorithm all the time I thought it just wasn't worth it. Why spend so much time on something that isn't helping your business in any way? 

This was all before I started discovering groups of boss babe entrepreneurs in the creative community and let me tell you, Facebook is alive and well, at least for networking purposes. 

I do still have a Facebook page for my blog and design business because that is how my family and close friends stay updated so I think it is still worthwhile to have, I would just spend most of your time as a business owner in groups where your ideal client is, where you can network and learn! 

Here are my favorite Facebook groups that are just for creative entrepreneurs! 

The Creative's Corner

"This community is all about providing creative support and guidance for the modern creative entrepreneur. Here, you can ask questions, get suggestions, make special announcements, reach out for guidance and meet new incredible people just like you making lists and taking names in the digital world of business and design."

Savvy Business Owners

This community is hosted by Heather Crabtree, and Savvy Business Owner Ambassadors. This group is all about supporting, motivating and uplifting others. This is a place where fabulous savvy business owners come to share resources, ask questions and learn how to grow their biz! 

Being Boss

This group is for everyone who listens to the Being Boss podcast where "you can ask each other questions, share your victories, voice your struggles, and support each other as you show up and do the work."

Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

"This community was built to inspire, empower, educate and unite women worldwide through collaboration and community!"

Coffee & Creatives

I made this group for female creatives passionate about their businesses. I like to think of this group as an atmosphere like going to a coffee shop with your girlfriend and chatting about all things creativity and biz! In this creative environment we network, share advice, tips and help each other grow our businesses! 

Comment below and let me know what groups you are a part of and how you use or don't use Facebook for your business!