How To Create A Gold Overlay In Illustrator {Clipping Mask}

So as many of you can tell (especially on Instagram) I have been quite obsessed with gold overlays on my text. With my new design ventures over on Cali Jae Designs I really wanted to test out the gold foil/glitter effect and could never figure out how to do it. Between googling every phrase possible I could think of and trying to find design blogs it was just a huge fail. Finally I found a post on Bloglovin' and was super excited to try it out. Unfortunately, it seemed like a few steps were missing so I kind of just figured it out on my own and figured I would share my version with you and hope it is of help! 

STEP 1: Add a gold foil pattern picture to your picture

Step 2: Add text on top of the gold foil 

Step 3: Make sure ONLY the text and the gold foil background is selected

Step 4: Once both the text and foil background is selected go to Object -> Clipping Mask -> Make 

Step 5: Voila! You have your own gold text! 

There are unlimited possibilities with Photoshop and I am super excited to share more when I learn more! What tutorials would you like to see from Illustrator + Photoshop?

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