My Design Shop Is Open!

I am super excited to announce that my Design Shop is now live! I have wanted to start one for so long and finally decided the time is now to fill it with downloadable designs & editable style guides!

Download a digital 5x7 design to set as your background or put it in a frame to decorate your space! These are designed to inspire my fellow females & their space!

I have been obsessed with the whole planner community lately and have decided to include some stickers I have designed! These printable sticker sheets are sent to you digitally where you can then print them out on any sticker paper you would like! 

I really wanted to create something that you could edit to fit your needs. With these style guides you get a logo, color codes, fonts, graphics and banners that you can totally customize with your name, change the colors and fonts and tailor it to your needs! You will need to have Illustrator and knowledge of the program in order to edit these.

This is only the start to this new endeavor and I am super excited to see where it goes! I plan on including planning kits & more surprises in the next few months! 

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you would like to see in the shop & what your favorite product is!