Bejeweled By Nicole Branding

Introducing Bejeweled by Nicole's new branding and website! Woohoo! Let's take a look at this project, I absolutely loved working on!

Working with Nicole has been absolutely wonderful. You know when you just click with someone and understand? That's us! She creates stunning jewelry for women to help express themselves and to to have it fit into their unique style all while making them feel beautiful. I adore both her and her message and she has truly inspired me throughout this process. 

When she showed me the inspiration behind the color palette she wanted, I was so excited to work with it. She wanted it to be bright, fun, girly and appeal to both women and girls. I had a blast going through inspiration and photos and can't even tell you how much I fangirl over her pieces (insert heart eyes emoji here) on the daily. She is so talented and each and every piece we put up on the website, I am amazed with her creativity and style!

The love of color was the force that drove her to start her business. Styling, designing and creating these pieces allows her to express her love for color and to see it bring joy to others. Through her jewelry she empowers women to let their true colors shine and has the opportunity to give back to her community which she holds near and dear to her heart. 

Please go visit Bejeweled By Nicole show her some love and support her! 

May Freebies!

New items have just been added to the Design Den! I created the Design Den as a library of resources including e-books, designs, worksheets and backgrounds! 

The inspiration behind these May backgrounds were May flowers and looking ahead (toward warmer weather of course!) To gain VIP access join below or if you are already a member log in below :)