What comes to mind when you think of a company like Coca-Cola? The color red with the white script, right? That is branding at it's finest. It is a classic visual style that has withstood time year after year. 

So what is your visual style? What are you pinning on Pinterest that gets you excited about colors, patterns and textures? Go to your Pinterest right now go to your pins and what are the prominent colors as you scroll through? This says a lot about your visual style and what you enjoy. If you are pinning away these gorgeous photos why not incorporate those colors and patterns into your business? 

If you could design your ideal brand what would it include?

Pick out 4 colors, a few patterns, branded photo ideas, and fonts. Even if you are not a designer, putting this together will help give your designer a clear picture of what you want and will help the design process. If you find you are having difficulties I also offer a branding service where I help you through your branding from head to toe >>  here <<

Back to the workbook we go (hi ho hi ho ok I can't be the only one who thought of Snow White after saying that ;)