Now I want you to answer these questions in the workbook and craft your brand statement!

Really think about your purpose and why you started your business. What is your ultimate passion that you incorporate every single day? What do you value most?

Why Is A Brand Statement Important?

  • It differentiates your brand from others
  • It identifies your brands special aspects
  • What are your strengths
  • To have as a reminder to come back to to get refocused

Here is my brands mission to give you an example...

Cali Jae Designs is a creative design stuio helping my fellow dreampreneurs build the empire they have always dreamed of. Our mission is to help passionate female entrepreneurs build and grow a beautiful brand that not only inspires but helps them achieve their goals. We help them get re inspired about their brands and get them motivated to become fabulous at what they do, our goal is to make them more confident and fierce with what they offer! Cali Jae Designs mixes beautiful branding, classic design and fierce strategies seamlessly as we believe those 3 aspects are the perfect formula for a successful brand. Everything we do we do it with all the passion and love and enjoy helping and supporting fellow boss babes reach for the stars.