Brands are nothing without marketing strategies. How is anyone going to know about your biz unless you put it out there, right? 



Social Media

Create a social media strategy for each platform

 Make a list of each platform you use and really layout out the days you will post and what exactly you will post. Hostile is a great tool for social media planning. It saves time and planning allows you to think outside the box more!

Email Marketing

I highly recommend Mailchimp for email marketing

Emails are golden! Building up a list of emails is essential and such an incredible resource to have. Think about this...when you have 500 emails you have the attention of 500 people to provide value and sell to. I always recommend the 4 to 1 ration. For every 4 emails you send that provide value, you send 1 email after those that are selling a service or a promotion you want to share. 

Content Marketing & Blogging

If you have an online business, you should attach a blog to it!

Blogging is such a great marketing technique as well as a community builder. you can create your tribe around your blog and share your posts on social media, in your newsletter and as guest posts. This allows you to be seen as an expert in your field and people will appreciate your insight.